About Chibi Consulting

About Chibi Consulting

Chibi Consulting handles a variety of projects in the Entertainment industry. Including Video system design, new product design, PCB design, system interfacing and installations.

With more than twenty years of experience in this field, Doug Pearson is the President and chief designer for Chibi Consulting.

From interfacing products together to building stand alone control systems, I have made designs that solve real world problems for my customers.

About Chibi

A lot of people ask how I chose Chibi as the name to use in my company name.

Chibi was the name of a cat I had when I was younger and Chibi got her name because in Japanese, Chibi is a name used to refer to the smallest cat or dog in a litter. When we got her, she was very small but she was a very determined little cat who soon ruled the house.

Since Chibi was small in stature, but big in our hearts, I decided that using her name would be a good memorial and she is a part of both my Chibi Consulting and Chibi Photography web sites.