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How to setup and protect your computer

Hints and tips for PCs

The first hint is to load a Linux operating system on your PC.

If you must use Windows, then the hints in this document should make it easier to keep your PC safe.

Windows Security issues overview and tools: This is a good primer site on Windows security. This is critical, update Windows on a regular basis; alternatively, use a Linux or Mac Operating system. ;)
Anti Spyware tools: AdAware SpyBot SpywareBlaster
Antivirus tools: AVG free anti-virus Network Associates, home of McAfee and Stinger, also listed below. McAffee Anti Virus software. This is a clean-up tool for after a virus problem. Norton Anti Virus software.
Firewalls: ZoneAlarm Kerio Personal Firewall Outpost personal firewall
Browsers: Firefox Browser Safari Browser Opera Browser Chrome Browser
Startup managers:
Proxy filter: For a computer sharing solution. For Filtering out ads.
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